Conflict Checking

Consultants work with all parties to explore issues in conflict and guide parties toward sustainable resolution. Conflict Checking allows participants to explore issues from their perspectives, at the same time, assisting participants in developing their own constructive strategies and action-plans. During the process, participants acquire skills and strategies that help and guide them toward the development of acceptable and meaningful solution. Consultations take place in private and confidential settings that empower participants and allow for openness and honesty in the pursuit of mutually agreeable outcomes for win-win resolutions. Conflict consultations are ideal for resolving individual and organizational disputes and issues.

Conflict Assessment

Conflict Assessment helps all interested parties determine whether an issue or dispute is “ripe” or appropriate for resolution or consensus building interventions. Assessments provide the following:

  • Clarity of key issues in dispute
  • Determine appropriate conflict resolution system design
  • Identify main parties in conflict
  • Determine the cost

Conflict Resolution Systems Design

Conflict Resolution Systems Design is a process that helps organizations develop policies and procedures to better manage internal and external conflicts with stakeholders. Systems design experts consult on conflict management apparatus best suited to address specific needs of the organization. Particular attention is given to the cultural and regulatory dynamics within the organization that may affect buy-in from stakeholders. The objectives are to ensure that the systems design is consistent with the overall goals of the organization, that people are motivated to seek and use the system, and the system can be evaluated to determine what works and what needs to be modified.

System Design Procedure

  • Determine the conditions under which a conflict resolution system will operate
  • Interview employees and stakeholders to understand organizational goals and objectives
  • Facilitate collaborative and participatory design processes
  • Develop policies, procedures and applicable forms
  • Recruit and train potential operators and system administrators
  • Develop workshop and training for effective use of the conflict resolution system

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems are used to help institutions determine organizational or project efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of the work of the project or organization. Our experts will work with clients to develop systems for:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation helps management assess how well organizations or projects are doing against targets and indicators. Our experts apply appropriate M&E methods for complex international and domestic projects, program management, including outcomes, impacts, and sustainability – using relevant indicators, base-lines, and targets to evaluate organization, program, or project efficacy, performance, and impact.

Group Facilitation

WV Center for Peace and Conflict will host and facilitate meeting, events, or any activities for your group or organization. After reviewing your objectives, our facilitators will develop program that is specific to your group or organization’s needs. Facilitation is ideal for board members, employees, groups, and for enabling meetings for:

  • Planning
  • Decision Making
  • Team Building
  • Problem Solving

Business Mediation

Mediation can be used to create understanding and resolve issues and conflicts between employers and their staff or between employees in dispute. Mediation can also be used to resolve matters that involve businesses and their customers.

Organizational Communication

Maintaining and communicating appropriate and consistent image to customers, employees, contractors, investors, vital public and private entities, individuals and communities is central to any organization’s sustainable growth and success. Our experts will assist your organization in developing cohesive and comprehensive communication in line with your organization’s mission and strategic objectives. We work with all organizational types with diverse communication challenges, objectives, and goals – public and private, including municipalities, states and national entities.

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